Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beware the pitfalls of the mind

To take into account when taking the attitude of living life happy. It is very much the way the brain sees reality , and for this, is critical reading giving the past, which is composed in part of inventions , memories and perceptions. That is, they are a highly unreliable guide to the future feelings . However, we all accept without the brain images offers.

That reality is often ambiguous. Optical illusions clearly illustrate this phenomenon. For example, a well-known drawing the background and the foreground are exchanged each other . Are we seeing a glass or two faces profiles ? We can see two things with absolute precision.

However, if we have reason to interpret ambiguous perception one way rather than another , then the change of plans and will not be random . The brain will choose the picture you want. Thus, if researchers reward the subject to see an image instead of the other, this will give preference to the image that yields better results. This choice happens at an unconscious level .

But if memory , perception and imagination are often misleading , how do we make decisions that make us happy ? Studies indicate that the best advice is to ask people who have been through the same circumstances. If a person was happy after taking a certain decision , then it's likely that we too happen to us .

The best way to predict happiness is their advice to others. However, most people refuse to follow this approach , because they are convinced that they have special qualities or that are unique to their species. And this is particularly true with regard to emotions (present , past and future ) . So most people think that it is illogical for advice in order to predict the future.

Since we are all unique , the opinions of others are of no consequence . We always assume that the emotions and ideas of others are different from ours. However, the method of asking for advice works because most human beings are alike. Since most people do not want to ask for advice, they always end up depending on misleading cognitive abilities when it comes to future happiness .

Attend weakened invented memories and perceptions to try to predict future events not only but also the feelings that these were produced. So continue making the same mistakes over and over again . In all likelihood, continue to be unhappy , as will making bad decisions .