Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beware the pitfalls of the mind

To take into account when taking the attitude of living life happy. It is very much the way the brain sees reality , and for this, is critical reading giving the past, which is composed in part of inventions , memories and perceptions. That is, they are a highly unreliable guide to the future feelings . However, we all accept without the brain images offers.

That reality is often ambiguous. Optical illusions clearly illustrate this phenomenon. For example, a well-known drawing the background and the foreground are exchanged each other . Are we seeing a glass or two faces profiles ? We can see two things with absolute precision.

However, if we have reason to interpret ambiguous perception one way rather than another , then the change of plans and will not be random . The brain will choose the picture you want. Thus, if researchers reward the subject to see an image instead of the other, this will give preference to the image that yields better results. This choice happens at an unconscious level .

But if memory , perception and imagination are often misleading , how do we make decisions that make us happy ? Studies indicate that the best advice is to ask people who have been through the same circumstances. If a person was happy after taking a certain decision , then it's likely that we too happen to us .

The best way to predict happiness is their advice to others. However, most people refuse to follow this approach , because they are convinced that they have special qualities or that are unique to their species. And this is particularly true with regard to emotions (present , past and future ) . So most people think that it is illogical for advice in order to predict the future.

Since we are all unique , the opinions of others are of no consequence . We always assume that the emotions and ideas of others are different from ours. However, the method of asking for advice works because most human beings are alike. Since most people do not want to ask for advice, they always end up depending on misleading cognitive abilities when it comes to future happiness .

Attend weakened invented memories and perceptions to try to predict future events not only but also the feelings that these were produced. So continue making the same mistakes over and over again . In all likelihood, continue to be unhappy , as will making bad decisions .

Life is now

This is one of those topics that is not difficult to write but if you implement it. And is that workaholics has been taking over more and more of us . The " workaholics " are a race that far from being in danger of extinction, are growing increasingly exponentially.

The main symptoms to recognize if one part or not is constantly thinking about work and looking for excuses to continue working.

In a recent survey, it was found that 25-30 % of executives have behavioral disorders . That makes your life expectancy 10 years are reduced . Are the causes of these disorders ? About tension and stress.

I fully agree that work should give meaning to your life , you should challenge you and give you the most , finish well done , because it's the only way you to succeed in work. The challenge is to reconcile the task with the family role that everyone has and that these activities and goals are not mutually exclusive .

In this regard , there is a key concept that helps a lot that is a commitment , but which nevertheless has been misinterpreted . Are they spend hours and hours in the company and not always working , sometimes on Facebook, or surfing ? Does the time spent at work means that I am committed ?

If I have other facets of me that I want to cultivate ? Necessarily be at the expense of commitment to the cause ? What is loyalty? Immolate in business pyre until redeemed me and put me on the street, early retired or fired ? What do you want , me to marry with the company ? No I have such bad taste , I just married my wife and my children , the rest must be placed in the right perspective and place. In my ideal scheme of leadership, smart company should make room large and spacious , while demanding and challenging , the self of each professional.

The agenda of a manager is what sets its priorities . If it is not time for anything , not a good sign . If certain appointments or meetings are consistently late, is a clear signal that they are strategically crucial.

One of the things that distresses me is to become a man. Many family, friends, society , leisure ... but in the end , work, work , work. It is a crucial activity , prone to happy development of talents and skills , ideal to serve the human community. However, its excess, traverses , disproportionate weight gaining .

Anyway, I think it's very important to spend all the time necessary to complete work activities very well done, but we must be careful not to overdo it and that the pieces of that sustained by our family.

Masters of Our Destiny

What I can do to start this? Attitude has a lot to do with it. The optimism and good humor. If life was a theater, while on stage , I like to think that viewers see it as a comedy , it's my favorite genre , others represent a tragedy , I'm already saturated with long faces and bitter.

If something is missing in the world are clowns make us laugh . I believe that humor is one of the most necessary skills to not only get a good job but to get a good life.

The funny thing is that we do not do one thing or another , we do not know to laugh or mourn , so is the human circus , often full of mediocre .

So I want to end this article by leaving you with this video , they give back to one 's desire , to rediscover not only his wife but also his entire family , see it , is very exciting , those that start a tear , which is often a quiet and unobtrusive witness of our most sincere and profound.

Why we like to do things, but not when we pay for it

There are numerous examples showing that people strive more for a cause than money. People are willing to work for free, and is also willing to work for a reasonable wage, but offer them a mediocre and will pay back. The gifts are also effective in the case of the sofas, and give people a gift, however small, is enough to get you help, but mention what the gift cost him, and see how they turn their backs.

Probably there are many situations in which adolescents are simply not able to control their own emotions. A better strategy for those who wish to ensure they avoid sex is to teach them to be away from the fire of passion before be close enough to be drawn to it. Accept this advice may be difficult, but our results suggest that they find it easier to fight the temptation before it arises that after being drawn to it. In other words: to completely avoid the temptation is easier to fight it.

The second are rare to pay more attention to it than we can keep that up you win. Consequently, when putting a price on car, think more about what you lose as win. And that is why we put it on sale at a high price and unrealistic. Similarly, the owner of the entry pay attention mainly to the loss of the basketball game experience, rather than imagine the enjoyment derived from obtaining money or what they can buy with it.

Our loss aversion is a strong emotion, and an emotion that sometimes makes us make bad decisions. Wondering the reader why we refuse to sell some of our precious pile of junk, and when we do, we attribute an outrageous price? It is often because we are mourning his loss.

The third oddity is that we assume that others will see the transaction from the same perspective as us.

Keep the doors open

Why distract us options

Our main objective

We must get rid of committees represent only a waste of time, and stop sending greeting cards to people who have moved to live other lives with other friends. We have to determine if you really have time to watch basketball games, golf and squash, and keep our family together, maybe we should leave behind those sports. Are we close doors because we steal energy and ability to compromise with others that should be open, and also because eventually go crazy.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Choosing Pets for Kids

Many activities can be obtained from the child care for the animal. One of them improve their emotional intelligence. However, there are conditions that must be met in order for a pet blessing, not a disaster.

How do I choose a suitable pet for children? Here are tips for choosing a pet friendly:

1. Pets can be obtained from a pet shop, breeder, even from friends or relatives. However, make sure you know the medical history. Is the animal has been vaccinated or not?

2. If you and your partner has a busy person, choose a pet that does not require a lot of interaction, considering the children have not been able to fully take care of animals. Fish, cats, and rabbits are animals that do not require too much interaction.

3. Consider the age of the animal. Indeed kitten or puppy is very cute and adorable, but definitely in need of extra care. Think again to keep an animal that young age.

4. Note the animal, especially if you want a dog. If possible the older dog guard and trained.

5. Is your child allergic to some animals? For example, cat fur? Find out in advance the problem and then find the right pet for children.

6. Once the child gets the right pet, remind children to always wash hands with antiseptic soap after they come in contact with animals.

7. Keep your pets healthy and vaccinated regularly.