Saturday, March 2, 2013

Choosing Pets for Kids

Many activities can be obtained from the child care for the animal. One of them improve their emotional intelligence. However, there are conditions that must be met in order for a pet blessing, not a disaster.

How do I choose a suitable pet for children? Here are tips for choosing a pet friendly:

1. Pets can be obtained from a pet shop, breeder, even from friends or relatives. However, make sure you know the medical history. Is the animal has been vaccinated or not?

2. If you and your partner has a busy person, choose a pet that does not require a lot of interaction, considering the children have not been able to fully take care of animals. Fish, cats, and rabbits are animals that do not require too much interaction.

3. Consider the age of the animal. Indeed kitten or puppy is very cute and adorable, but definitely in need of extra care. Think again to keep an animal that young age.

4. Note the animal, especially if you want a dog. If possible the older dog guard and trained.

5. Is your child allergic to some animals? For example, cat fur? Find out in advance the problem and then find the right pet for children.

6. Once the child gets the right pet, remind children to always wash hands with antiseptic soap after they come in contact with animals.

7. Keep your pets healthy and vaccinated regularly.

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  1. Thanks for this tips. Now I know what kind of pet is the best for my pet. Because my kid was lonely and I think it will be happy if they have a pet.

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