Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why we like to do things, but not when we pay for it

There are numerous examples showing that people strive more for a cause than money. People are willing to work for free, and is also willing to work for a reasonable wage, but offer them a mediocre and will pay back. The gifts are also effective in the case of the sofas, and give people a gift, however small, is enough to get you help, but mention what the gift cost him, and see how they turn their backs.

Probably there are many situations in which adolescents are simply not able to control their own emotions. A better strategy for those who wish to ensure they avoid sex is to teach them to be away from the fire of passion before be close enough to be drawn to it. Accept this advice may be difficult, but our results suggest that they find it easier to fight the temptation before it arises that after being drawn to it. In other words: to completely avoid the temptation is easier to fight it.

The second are rare to pay more attention to it than we can keep that up you win. Consequently, when putting a price on car, think more about what you lose as win. And that is why we put it on sale at a high price and unrealistic. Similarly, the owner of the entry pay attention mainly to the loss of the basketball game experience, rather than imagine the enjoyment derived from obtaining money or what they can buy with it.

Our loss aversion is a strong emotion, and an emotion that sometimes makes us make bad decisions. Wondering the reader why we refuse to sell some of our precious pile of junk, and when we do, we attribute an outrageous price? It is often because we are mourning his loss.

The third oddity is that we assume that others will see the transaction from the same perspective as us.

Keep the doors open

Why distract us options

Our main objective

We must get rid of committees represent only a waste of time, and stop sending greeting cards to people who have moved to live other lives with other friends. We have to determine if you really have time to watch basketball games, golf and squash, and keep our family together, maybe we should leave behind those sports. Are we close doors because we steal energy and ability to compromise with others that should be open, and also because eventually go crazy.

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