Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Masters of Our Destiny

What I can do to start this? Attitude has a lot to do with it. The optimism and good humor. If life was a theater, while on stage , I like to think that viewers see it as a comedy , it's my favorite genre , others represent a tragedy , I'm already saturated with long faces and bitter.

If something is missing in the world are clowns make us laugh . I believe that humor is one of the most necessary skills to not only get a good job but to get a good life.

The funny thing is that we do not do one thing or another , we do not know to laugh or mourn , so is the human circus , often full of mediocre .

So I want to end this article by leaving you with this video , they give back to one 's desire , to rediscover not only his wife but also his entire family , see it , is very exciting , those that start a tear , which is often a quiet and unobtrusive witness of our most sincere and profound.

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