Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life is now

This is one of those topics that is not difficult to write but if you implement it. And is that workaholics has been taking over more and more of us . The " workaholics " are a race that far from being in danger of extinction, are growing increasingly exponentially.

The main symptoms to recognize if one part or not is constantly thinking about work and looking for excuses to continue working.

In a recent survey, it was found that 25-30 % of executives have behavioral disorders . That makes your life expectancy 10 years are reduced . Are the causes of these disorders ? About tension and stress.

I fully agree that work should give meaning to your life , you should challenge you and give you the most , finish well done , because it's the only way you to succeed in work. The challenge is to reconcile the task with the family role that everyone has and that these activities and goals are not mutually exclusive .

In this regard , there is a key concept that helps a lot that is a commitment , but which nevertheless has been misinterpreted . Are they spend hours and hours in the company and not always working , sometimes on Facebook, or surfing ? Does the time spent at work means that I am committed ?

If I have other facets of me that I want to cultivate ? Necessarily be at the expense of commitment to the cause ? What is loyalty? Immolate in business pyre until redeemed me and put me on the street, early retired or fired ? What do you want , me to marry with the company ? No I have such bad taste , I just married my wife and my children , the rest must be placed in the right perspective and place. In my ideal scheme of leadership, smart company should make room large and spacious , while demanding and challenging , the self of each professional.

The agenda of a manager is what sets its priorities . If it is not time for anything , not a good sign . If certain appointments or meetings are consistently late, is a clear signal that they are strategically crucial.

One of the things that distresses me is to become a man. Many family, friends, society , leisure ... but in the end , work, work , work. It is a crucial activity , prone to happy development of talents and skills , ideal to serve the human community. However, its excess, traverses , disproportionate weight gaining .

Anyway, I think it's very important to spend all the time necessary to complete work activities very well done, but we must be careful not to overdo it and that the pieces of that sustained by our family.

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